Quan Nguyen (Jimmy Youhei) Question & Answer

Question & Answer

In this Section I will address the important Question that you might have . Please check if your question is adressed here or contact me if it is not

1. Why is your website so ugly?

As a matter of fact, I hate to do any work that is related to art literature or music and I also knew that my beauty standard is quite different than others. As a result, if you are an artist or a designer who wish to help me please feel free to contact me. Please bear in mind that I will only code for you as payment thought

2. What is your name ? Why do you have so many names?

My real Vietnamese name is “Nguyễn Hồng Quân” or in English: “Quan Nguyen” . And my nickname or more frequently used name is “Jimmy Youhei”. “Jim” or “Jimmy” is my name at home, and it is more easily used by English speakers. Also, I have worked with many Japanese clients and managers, so I also chose my name as “Youhei” for their convenience. For why I chose this name , I will leave you for your guess

3. What is the purpose of this website? Why do you make this website?

The short answer is about programming and learning programming

The long answer is when I start learning programming and now , I have gone through much. And I wished that if I had known what I knew now when I start learning, things would be much easier and quicker. Also I am a Buddhist and we believe that “you reap what you sow” meaning that when we help others gaining knowledge, we will gain knowledge in return as sharing is learning.

With the internet,  learning programming cannot be much easier than before. However it also requires you to choose the right resources , right learning method , right guidance and right thinking framework to learn which I found that is quite lacking or hard to be found on the internet . This website will try to address that

Also talking about my learning will increase my motivation and maybe gain knowledge how others are learning too . And As a bonus , I might gain friends , mentors

Lastly and honestly , I do keep in mind that any potential client or employer could browse my website too . I will address about this in the question below

4. Does this website contain any advertisement? Are you trying to monetize this website?

Currently no . Or to be more precise , currently I don’t intend to included any advertisement or advertising for anyone because my articles will not be trustworthy anymore and I will be sway by monetary benefit. However please bear in mind that my monetary benefit definition does not included someone taking me for a free lunch or giving me extra products or service in return. But I will be clear about what I got in return if any. However, in my belief is that if something which I really want  and I found  to be useful enough for me to get the product/service itself in return (not money in-return) deserve to be mention.

Also I do keep in mind that this website could be browse by my potential clients and/or my potential employers. In other word you could consider that I will try to market myself with this website too because making 2 separate websites is wasteful in term of time and cost

However, in the end, I have the right to change this policy in the future and you will know that when I change this question

5. I have a problem/question and I want to contact you

If it is programming related great! Please go to contact me and don’t hesitate to reach to me.

Although I will try to be as helpful as I can. However, to be frank please don’t expect too much. Depend on your problem/question it might take time to be addressed on my blog or reach back to you because I also having other work. Or your problem/question might be too difficult for me. Or I may decide to solve your problem/question not for free. But in any case, I will try to point you to the materials/resources/people that I think will be useful for you for free. But it might not be quick in the end because I value quality above speed

If your question/answer is not programming related. Please still contact me and I will see what I can do for you

6. Why should I trust you or anything you write on this website?

The short answer is you should not

The long answer is that you should not trust any information right away especially if it is from someone that you do not know well. My experience as a business executive also taught me that every time you see any information should read it with doubt . I can name a few reasons bellow and this is not a complete list:

  • Because everyone will make mistakes…. except the gods, the Buddhas, the saints… and as far as I know I am just human. So I could and I will have mistakes in my website just as any other website
  • My information can be out-dated or expire. For example, if in 2016 I said “the current US president is Barack Obama” we all know now it is not true anymore. I will try to update as best as I could, but it is next to impossible to have every information up to date all the time
  • Each person is unique so this work for me does not mean this will work for you. For example, no matter how much green tea I drink I always can go to sleep right away. As you search in the internet you will find many people will readily disagree with me. So, who is wrong here? You get the idea
  • One thing I have learned that communication is so limited that only one or some versions of the truth could be communicated. For example, please take out a coin or a paper cash and thinking in your head how you will describe it for me who completely have no idea what you are holding.

…….Done? Ok let me ask you did you describe: what is it made of? What does it look like on side? What does it look like on the other side? How do you feel when you touch it? What is its current temperature? What are the pictures on each side about? Why are the pictures of each side chosen ? What is written on each side (in English please)? What temperature will it melt/burn? How much is it worth? …… Ok I still have plenty of questions, but I want to ask you that did you manage to describe all of the information above for me? Even if you are able to describe all of the information, how long did it take you? Is it really an effective way for an alien that know English to understand what the coin/paper cash is without seeing it in person or touching it? ….. Now You get the idea. Even communicate to describe the coin/cash to completely understand is this difficult how about programming which you cannot touch?

In the worst case ,the person who gave you the information could have malice intention . Don’t forget that when people get desperate even a good person might change too. I will not explain more because we all understand what will happen if this is the case.

7. Do you claim to be an expert , a master , a professor? Based on what you think you can teach me?

To be honest I don’t think I am an expert or something like that . Being an expert is subjected to each people‘s opinion and in my opinion very few people can claim that title . Especially with the fast-changing nature of programming and technology. To demonstrate, Dan Appleman once stated that you can only claim to be an expert in a field as long as the new version of this technology is not yet released.

IBased on what do I think I can share with you? The Japanese proverbs have a saying that “We learn little from victory, much from defeat”. Let me demonstrate this for you : the number of victories I can count now: …… 1 that is all. The number of defeat I can think of now: …. 1 , 2 , 3 … 11, 12 …. Ok I lost my count. The victory that I counted above was the time I was awarded what was equivalent as employee of the year by my first company. In the end this victory ends up haunting me for a long time because the glory of it blinds me and lead to all sort of trouble later. From my experience the only downside of defeat is it is a motivation killer. Other than that, it taught me much even to my surprised. Now I am even thinking that if you want to really learn you should keep the failure coming. By using this website, I want you to learn from my failure to save your time. I have gone through much and I just wish my current self could have shared what I have known now for my old self when I first started learning programming

8. What is your Slogan? Why do you choose this slogan ? Programming is uncountable noun and you should use “it” instead of “them” in the slogan

I am very interested in learning everything about programming. However, I am also realistic that with the fast-changing nature of programming and technology,  learning everything will be next to impossible. As a result, I know want to learn all but not necessarily mean I can learn it all. Moreover, I am the type who think that even when you shoot for the moon and fail, you will at least reach the sky . Although programming is an uncountable noun I can count what I have learnt each and every day which will be very boring if I cannot. As a result I used “them” because I want to express that you can count what you learn