String Searching Algorithms

String Search


This is my implementation for 2 common String Searching Algorithms: Naive Search , Boyer-Moore-Horspool Search


  • It is written by using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2019.1.3 x64
  • JDK version 11

How to install:

If you use IntelliJ IDEA use new -> Project From Version Control -> Git and paste

How to use:

  • Using the Main class to run any custom command (I have included some example command)
  • StringSearching interface is fully written with method:
    • naiveSearch(String toFind , String toSearchFrom): find the toFind String from toSearchFrom String using naive search method
    • boyerMooreHorspool(String toFind , String toSearchFrom): like above but using the boyerMooreHorsool search method


  • Due to the class is written purely for learning purpose so very little Exception handle is expected
  • I knew that there are many other algorithms . However due to time constraint and I had to move on. As a result, only the above algorithms are implemented. And others maybe added later


MIT License

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