Set Data Structure (With Exception)

A Set


This is my own Set class that is written by me by using either Array List or Linked List. The purpose is to learn more about Set


  • It is written by using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2019.1.3 x64
  • JDK version 11

How to install:

If you use IntelliJ IDEA use new -> Project From Version Control -> Git and paste

How to use:

  • Using the Main class to run and test any method
  • Then you can use either the SetArrayList class or the SetLinkedList:
    • contain(int n): return a Boolean that the set contains the integer or not
    • add(int n): add the integer to the set if not already added. If already added return a Duplicate Exception
    • remove(int n): remove the integer n from the set
    • count(): return the size of the set
    • union(Set a , Set b): union and return a new set
    • intersection(set a , set b): intersection and return a new set
    • difference(set a , set b): difference and return a new set
    • symmetric difference (set a , set b): symmetric difference and return a new set


  • Due to the class is written purely for learning purpose so very little Exception handle is expected
  • The DuplicationException class is written to make a custom exception to reflect the proper name of the exception
  • The add method when duplication is detected, use exception instead of using return false like the set in java. This is intended to practice throwing and handle exception and relieve boredom at the same time
  • The picture of the post is taken by Tracy Hunter


MIT License

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