Quan Nguyen (Jimmy Youhei) Hash algorithms

Hashing Algorithms


This is my own String Hashing algorithms that use additive and folding hash algorithms. Moreover, due to the algorithms need test so JUnit 5 was also used to test the 2 algorithms


  • It is written by using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2019.1.3 x64
  • JDK version 11

How to install:

If you use IntelliJ IDEA use new -> Project From Version Control -> Git and paste https://github.com/JimmyYouhei/Hash.git

How to use:

  • Using the Main class to run any custom command
  • The StringHash class is fully written with method:
    • getStringValue() : return the current String
    • setStringValue(String string): set the new String Value
    • additiveHash(): return an int from the additive Hashing algorithm
    • foldingHash(): return an int from the folding hashing algorithm
  • A test class that used Junit 5 to test for the result of the 2 algorithms above


  • Very little Exception handle is expected because this is for learning purpose only


MIT License

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