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About Me

The shortest introduction about me is a business executive who has turned into a programming fanatic. End of introduction

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My Story

My business executive life first started out when I graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Commerce. Since then due to the nature of my work I had worked in many positions such as: import/export management, logistics management, sales, management accounting, Assistant to managers, foreign market fair staff ….

However, the more I worked the more I felt I was missing something. Until one day, I was assigned to work with a developer to develop and manage a website for our company. After that day,  I knew what I had been missing and you can call that love at first sight.

From this point onward, it did not take long for me to leave my business executive life behind to chase my dream. And now here we are. My learning journey is quite a difficult one that requires me to adapt a lot. And the journey is far from different compared to my business executive life. There were things that I wished somebody had told or showed me until I discovered them. There were times that I banged my head to my table and don’t know how to solve a simple programming problem. And there were times I scratch my head not knowing how to debug a simple bug. But in the end, I learnt from it. And it was fun in the end

As a result, I make this website to share my current journey and hoping that if anyone is reading from this website can learn from my mistakes, my struggle and what I discovered. And I may get more friends, mentors or new lessons in the process. You can read more about why I make this website.

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My knowledge and experience

Programming & Software related knowledge:

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Non-Programming related knowledge:

Marketing, Sales, Logistics Management, Import/Export, Management Accounting, Project management, Administration, Business Guide

Known Language:

English, Vietnamese and limited Japanese

Current Learning List:

MySQL ,Spring Framework ,

Current Interests List but Not Yet Scheduled:

Design Patterns , .NET Framework, Python, AI, Security, PHP